Seeing clearly through a face shield

As we re-congregate are you showing up?

We haven't seen each other for months, yet even though we're moving toward reassembling in our place of worship, we're still governed by health guidelines saying we have to wear masks

What is that looking like for you in your congregation? 

I can see clearly now

Welcome back?

When you are inviting your members and prospective new members to join you at worship services, will you be hiding your face behind a mask and imposing new rules of engagement as you try to return to some semblance of pre-lockdown normalcy?

How encouraging is that, do you think, for anyone to feel inspired to re-commit to your community?

What's missing?

As we gather together after months of being in lockdown, and we show up wearing a face mask, what are we missing? 

...aside from the oxygen in the carbon dioxide we are breathing in when we cover our nose and mouth with a mask... what are we missing that is so fundamentally vital to our being together in community with one another?

That's right, you know what I'm talking about - we're missing each other's smiles, our laughing together, singing together - sometimes crying together as we minister to one another through the challenges and losses in life that inevitably occur.

What if instead we could show up authentically with one another, if we could gather together with our smiles glowing through a fully protective, clearly transparent ...and naturally breathable Face Shield

🌹🌹Gift your beloved returning members with a clear Face Shield, then stand back and watch them smile!🌹🌹

When you offer a free I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW Face Shield to every attendee who shows up to join you at worship services, you WILL see them smile - I guarantee it πŸ˜€


Our showing up for one another transparently - especially now as we navigate this rapidly changing, sometimes baffling new world - revealing ourselves authentically is more vitally important to our well-being as a community now than ever before.


As we assess the damages and figure out where to go from here ...and how we're going to get there - you may be asking yourself right about now: what is your PLAN B?

If your business is reliant upon donations from your members to keep itself open and operating, you are likely experiencing a sharp decline in your incoming revenue.

It's true, the shutdown of the economy and the forbidding of any gatherings that are the basis for the whole church-going sector's reason to be - have combined to, essentially, put all churches out of business ...or at least, out of business in the way we once knew it.

It can be said here now that the unarguable reality is that the donation-based business model for state chartered non-profit corporations has been finally rendered obsolete by the control measures being levied upon this entire business sector.

The catch phrase 'We're all in this together' has never been more true than it is for those of us who once enjoyed gathering together in spiritual community and cultivating relationships that supported us through the celebrations and tragedies of life.

The question now is, how are we going to reorganize into a business model that is both suitable and sustainable in this new world that is unfolding before us?

And what steps will need to be taken for us to get there from here?

Is there any real benefit to keeping the state chartered non-profit corporation alive if it's been rendered insolvent by the very state that holds its charter?

These are some of the issues and questions we will be discussing on this platform as we build it out, starting with this store to bring light and clarity to everyone who shops with us here, then my blog and newsletter soon to come.

I encourage you to enter into the conversation by becoming a subscriber below. Subscribers to our budding endeavor will all be the first to know about developments around these important issues and will be invited to participate as charter members in new programs as they are developed and implemented.

On the drawing board:

***A locally-based, member-owned community credit union

:::::::::::::::::Promoting the concepts of :::::::::::::::::and sponsoring ways to:

***Monetize Your Enterprise

***Form Intentional Communities, otherwise known as mastermind groups, around mutually beneficial enterprises

***Practice and Teach Principles of  Wellness, Self-Care, Self-Reliance, and Compassionate Community


Limbic Arc Quantum Energy Wellness Technology

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We originate Capital Campaigns for organizations looking to raise money to sustain their operations.🀝

If you are looking to rebuild your business or organization as we emerge from the lockdown we've all been going through, these reports are designed to help you.  

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***Interpreting the Limbic Arc Comp Plan
***Capital Campaign - constructing an 84 member Intentional Community Mastermind Group - Excel template
***Limbic Arc Community Pilot Project.pdf

Mastermind Community Pilot Project

In this pilot study we will test the hypothesis that those individuals sponsored into Limbic Arc and who are provided with suitable and sustainable shelter for four months while undergoing a 100 day curriculum of teachings, practices and strategies that support their greater Wellness, Self-Care, Self-Reliance and participating in Compassionate Community -- that they will emerge from that hundred day experience with new skill sets, new resources at their disposal, and they will have a substantial income stream already established to sustain themselves going forward.