Reclaiming the Employee Payroll Taxes paid out by local businesses in 2020 and 2021...

... we are bringing that money back to Costa Mesa where it can do the most good good here in our community.
. When our local small businesses have an unexpected windfall of cash, they put it to work growing their business, increasing the Velocity of Money in our local economy.
. I wonder how many of the local small businesses in Costa Mesa have reclaimed the payroll taxes they paid out during 2020 and 2021 ...or if all that money is still out on the IRS table waiting to be reclaimed. What do you think?
  • Congress has enacted two separate measures to reward those businesses who retained W-2 employees during the lockdown to be refunded the payroll taxes those businesses paid to the IRS from those two years. These companies are eligible for this refundable tax credit whether or not they took out a PPP loan.
  • It's money that the business paid in payroll taxes that can now be returned to them.
  • And yet not a lot of people know about it. Some CPAs are claiming the ERC tax credit for their clients, but if they haven't specialized in maximizing how much businesses can get back, they may be leaving money on the table that now is forever lost to the business.
  • As part of my ongoing endeavor to Restore the Velocity of Money to our local economy, I have partnered with a company that specializes in optimizing the amount of payroll taxes that is reclaimed from the IRS on behalf of the businesses they are working with -
  • You can be somebody's hero today when you direct owners of small businesses in the community to this short quiz to see the estimate of what amount of Employee Tax Credit is eligible to be reclaimed by their company.
We are now hearing that yet another large bank failed in July and has been taken over by US Regulators. As we go deeper into 2023 and the reality of failing banks is all around us, if we can bring a cash infusion of an unrealized refundable tax credit to the operating account of the small businesses in our town, we might make the difference between some of those businesses having to close their doors or being able to stay alive for another period.
It's easy to find out what is waiting there for you to claw back into your business. Just go fill out this short quiz then be ready to be contacted by one of the experienced ERC Together specialists who will guide you through the claim process: