How to create a Capital Campaign for your projects while renewing our communities one homeless shelter at a time

by Linda Witt-King

How to create a Capital Campaign for your projects while renewing our communities one homeless shelter at a time
Here is the whole of my presentation and reporting on all that has taken place surrounding my trial with the City of Costa Mesa where I have been defending our sovereign right to sleep in our vehicles or wherever we can create our habitat within our means: 
Introducing the Community Wellspring  Academy for the Art of the Gracious Nomad - 100 Days of Best Practices in Wellness, Self-Care, Self-Reliance and Intentional Community
This is what we can do to raise the $ millions for your projects and endeavors, while raising what we need to launch my Gracious Nomad Academy - which is one small step in the right direction of providing suitable and sustainable shelter and resources for the destitute independent of any government or Big Pharma control or mandates.
The Project
The first document details a high level overview of the 100-day curriculum we will develop for our Gracious Nomad Academy pilot study. We will begin our first iteration of this pilot study at a local motel here in Costa Mesa. This document includes a print out of the spreadsheet tool that organizes the mastermind group's enrollments to optimize the revenue flows generated from this business activity. 
The live spreadsheet tool, available by request, is designed to make it easy for anyone to start their own mastermind group and begin raising money for their projects or to provide operating capital for their business or church right away...within 30 days.

The Backstory
Included in this sequence is Fairview Property Timeline 1950 to present, the backstory of how we came to be in the situation we're in here in this town. This document summarizes my work to defend our sovereign right to sleep in our vehicles, or wherever we are able to create our habitat within our means, without being harassed by police enforcing unlawful municipal codes for a fraudulent city government.
The Introduction and Rationale for the Mastermind Group Concept
This introduction is an overview of the basis and focus of this project, we'll call Gracious Nomad. Here I give a summary update and closing report on my defense of the City's criminalizing the act of sleeping in cars, and I introduce the Limbic Arc Mastermind Group concept that can be adopted as a remedy for our need to raise operating capital here in our communities in order to carry out our projects.
The Pitch, the Call To Action, where the rubber meets the road...
The last document, 4-Monetize Your Enterprise with Limbic  Arc is the actionable meat of it.  The Monetize Your Enterprise infographic is drawn from my original mind map drawing for my Five Amigos article published back in February. 
[Five Amigos and an Old Lady ...with some Big Ideas for Monetizing Our Enterprises
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Page 2 is an updated look at the Limbic Arc Compensation Plan in light of this mastermind group concept. This examination draws out the fundamental aspects of Limbic Arc's Compensation Plan and calculates some projections based on metrics that tie back to the comp plan document. The formulas were derived from both the Comp plan and my study of its configuration as noted.
An example illustrated here is how originating a Limbic Arc Mastermind Group as I describe will generate a minimum of $1,720 to the Originator - in the first month - and at least $17,688 will be distributed to the first two generations of the mastermind group. They will also enjoy, as a group, at least $10,080 of recurring income that only increases over time...for EACH mastermind group in play.
The Business Use Case Analysis
Now, where all of this comes together is on page 3 of this document with the Business Use Case: CAPITAL CAMPAIGN WITH LIMBIC ARC. 
Starting with a target goal of $6,000,000 to launch the original Gracious Nomad Academy, the chart reveals that I will need to create, at most, 8 mastermind groups, assuming a very strong response, to generate at least $5.9 million over six months and growing. And it would do it at a rate of about $1 million per month ...starting immediately within the first 30 days upon completion of the 84-member mastermind group configuration.
If one only wanted to raise $1 million for their project, according to my study, one would only need to originate a single Limbic Arc Mastermind group that is sure to generate a very strong response, and they'll have their ongoing expenses provided for them all along the way while building out their project. Not only that, this revenue stream continues on going forward, past steady state or the completion of the project for as long as they remain a subscriber to Limbic Arc.
You can't be fired or divorced or disabled or in any way lose your benefit as a Limbic Arc Subscriber. It's a business transaction; as long as you complete your end of the agreement every month, the residual commissions and bonuses will continue and only increase over time.
Actually, in these times of compromised local businesses and churches and service organizations due to restrictions on their ability to earn revenue through their business activities, I'm of a mind that EVERYONE would be much better off when they Monetize Your Enterprise with their own Limbic Arc Mastermind Group.
I am looking to create eight mastermind groups enrolling under Wellspring in order to launch my Gracious Nomad project here in Costa Mesa.
It will be easy to raise a million dollars and more when we embrace this idea of generating revenue at the local level, like Robert David Steele, Jon Rappoport, Catherine Austin Fitts and so many others have advised us to do to navigate our way through these times. 
When you create your first Limbic Arc Mastermind Group and allow all the old outmoded donation-based methods of generating your operating capital to fade from having any relevance to your day-to-day lives whatsoever, you'll be free to give all your focus and energy to whatever suitable and sustainable projects you envision to help our communities move forward beyond all the restrictions and lockdowns and fear-mongering that really has no place at all in any civilized society.
I feel in my heart that by working together, by cooperating to lift up our town with this model, we can renew our communities all across America one homeless shelter, one soup kitchen at a time.
by Linda Witt-King - April 16, 2021