As we begin to re-congregate, how are we showing up?

by Linda Witt-King

We haven't seen each other for months, yet even though we're moving toward reassembling in our place of worship, we're still governed by health guidelines saying we have to wear masks

What's that going to look like for you in your congregation? 

What are we missing?  ...aside from the oxygen in the carbon dioxide we are breathing in when we cover our face with a mask... what are we missing that is so vital to our being together in community with one another?

That's right, you know what I'm talking about - we're missing each other's smiles, our laughing together, sometimes crying together as we minister to one another through the challenges and losses in life that inevitably occur.

What if we could show up like this instead?

What if we offered a free I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW Face Shield to every attendee that showed up on campus to attend services?

What if we offered an upgraded Face Shield to every member, new and renewing alike? Like this...

Being transparent with one's congregation can also include being transparent as we show up for one another, even now - it's more important now than ever before.